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It's Imgur's Birthday Week! It's been a wonderful seven years.: IMGUR TURNS lmgur was created oo a simple approach to image tharing ond has grown into a vibrant community of millions Today our vision is simple: lift the worlds epiits by ourfacing the Intermets most awetome content. Every day people use Imgur to be entertained and inspired by 2009 lmgur as a simple, no-limits plattorm 46,000 monthly pageviews Dorm room office 2010 the most popular posts on Imgur Part-time office at odvanced account featuros 2011 Imgur wins "Best Doatstrapped startup at the TechCrunch imgur moves to San Francisco! Otarthardor comments Edward Macaroni Fork the most downvoted comment of all time The first reputation point is earned 2012 User submitted launches, g wing Imguriano new ways to share and explore images Imgur's first employoe is hired The Irmguraffe is crownad lmgur launched trophies and medallions 2013 monthly active users a bro date with Alan Imgur wins "Best Bootstrapped startup" at tho TechCrunch crunchies" Awards for the second time First couple to meet on Imgur gets married 'Banana for scale first mentioned Braatlian ooccer fan 2014 lmgur raises S40 million its first externol investment created by @AntonChristensen 2015 150 million monthly active users. video to GIF launches, simpltying GlF creation lmgur Community feedbock forum opened Imgur wins 2015 webby awards for 600 ingurions go to Camp imgur, the 2016 lmgut employs 65 people lmgurians raise $27k for the SF spCA lmguriana who inspire us every day. Thank you for 7 great years of jokes, feels and the most awesome images on the Internet! It's Imgur's Birthday Week! It's been a wonderful seven years.

It's Imgur's Birthday Week! It's been a wonderful seven years.