< Drive l LTE 1024 AM 35% Revolutionary Meme Project Dear Sons and Daughters of Liberty to understand what events led to the Revolutionary War you will be assigned an important event to present to the class in the form of a meme You will submit your meme and the required information onto this document You will give a 1-2min presentation to the class explaining vour event and why it is significant to the Revolutionary War You will be given Monday and Tuesday in class so be diligent in and outside of class Be accurate and creative! Due Date Wednesday March T opics 1 French and Indian War 2 Proclamation of 1763 3 Stamp Act 4 Sugar Act 5 Boston Massacre 6 Boston Tea Party 7 First Continental CongressS 8 Intolerable Acts Required Information 1 Date 2 Description paragraph 3 Cause and Effects of the Event paragraph 4 Who was involved paragraph Due on Wednesday March Meme

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