<?php headerContent-type texthtml charset=utf-8 *This is a warning to any poor soul who may have to deal with this code *I took over this criminal piece of chaos from a monkey named Joel who I assume had been given a typewriter by Mephistopheles himself For reasons I have yet been unable to fathom he decided to patch together this thing *using a BaseX setup hardwired into an unfixably broken Manjaro VM queried by a handwritten plate of uncommented PHP spaghetti fit to feed an army of people with a serious death wish without any framework or CMS The very long BaseX script very long PHP presenter and very long XSLT *stylesheet mostly perform the same heuristic document structuring for different components and are supposed to produce compatible results but I bet they have mismatches somewhere *Since Prof T just wanted a few small functional enhancements I decided to just patch it and keep the general setup Unless you were hired to *correct some spelling mistakes DO NOT FOLLOW IN MY STEPS Putting up with this simulation of how a goldfish would design a system has literally given me CLINICAL DEPRESSION This is not an exaggeration I am writing this after a prolonged medical therapy - mostly successful thanks for asking but not fun I wouldn't wish this code on anybody who isn't a manager at Oracle or Facebook and therefore give you this sincere advice *Nuke this Take the XSLT if you must and then nuke the app and recreate it *in Django or whatever works for you I would do it myself but I risked a relapse simply by opening this file again to write this comment *Dear brother or sister I wish you all the luck and strength in the world * and hope it will be enough Farewell error_reporting E_ALL ini_setdisplay_errorstrue print'<?xml version=10 encoding=UTF - 8 ?>'n ?> I’m getting second thoughts about whether accepting this job was a good idea Meme

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