< Replies Raven 1 day ago More like they bought and paid for it and used sub bots But lets not talk facts At least Pewdiepie does his legit and legal He is a decent and respectable person unlike t- series Raven 1 day ago @Timothy Ford No right to talk trash when you all in India live in your trash Plenty of videos out there in the internet that show what a disgusting and corrupt place India is Pooping on the beaches and irn the Ganges throwing your trash all over heaps of garbage everywhere throwing dead bodies in the Ganges and swimming in bathing in pissing in and drinking the Ganges water The river is so polluted it kills the wildlife So please come down off your high horse and join reality T-Series only won because they cheated Those are the facts plain and simple Get over it Trending Subscriptions Library Home Inbox This needs to stop Meme

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