<p>Bessie Stringfield biked across the United States in the 1930s a rare feat for an African American woman at the time Later she became an asset to the United States government as a civilian motorcycle dispatcher—the only woman in her unit With a military crest attached to her blue Harley-Davidson Knucklehead she carried documents between domestic US bases<p> <p>Later in the 1950s Stringfield settled in Miami bought a house and became a nurse In her early days in Florida she clashed with the local police when she tried to obtain her motorcycle license and was rebuffed Determined Stringfield demanded a meeting with their captain a white motorcycle cop in the Black precinct He took her to a nearby park and ordered her to perform several difficult motorcycle tricks She nailed all of them and he relented granting her a license<p> <p>Stringfield continued biking until her death when she was in her 80s<p> Source <a href=httpsbroadlyvicecomen_usarticleqvxke7bessie-stringfield-first-black-woman-motorcycled-across-america-jim-crow>httpsbroadlyvicecomen_usarticleqvxke7bessie-stringfield-first-black-woman-motorcycled-across-america-jim-crow<a> Meme

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