>>7485638 # >>7485554 # >Yes it's been a long time But I still remember every face You remember your first? >Mine was some Murakami boy at the Battle of Uedahara My horse took an arrow so I was on footslogging through the rice paddies He came running at me this dumb high-born lad thinking he could end the Sengoku Jidai with a single stroke of his kenI knocked him down with the tetsubo BY THE KAMI I WAS STRONG THEN Caved in his do Probably shattered every rib he had Stood over him tetsubo in the air Right before I brought it down he shouted chotto! chotto matte-desu! they never tell you how they all shit themselves They don't put that part in kabuki >Now the Murakami dogeza like everyone else He could have lingered on the edge of the battle with the smart boys and today his wife would be making him miserable his sons would be dishonorable and he'd be waking three times in the night to piss into a bowl - SAKE! >Itsuki GODS WHAT A STUPID NAME 甲斐。信支 Ahh Robert-san Meme

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