>Be evil bad Catholic Bishop >Year is 393 >The great founder of the Catholic Church Constantine died a few decades ago >Get together wth all the other Satanic man-made Bishops in a council >Using our false authority we compile together many writings >We declare that these writings were inspired by God they become known as the Bible >1100 years later some guy named Luther comes around and rediscovers Christianity after the Gates of Hell prevailed against it for 1100 years just like Jesus said would never happen >feelsbadmanjpg >Says that the Bible is the only authority not the big bad evil Catholic Church >Crap he's found us out >The True Christians who came about thanks to Luther now know that they don't need to worry about what us evil Bishops say because they have a bunch of books that were inspired by God and they know they were inspired by God because us evil Catholic Bishops who have no teaching authority said so >Mfw those dang True Christians figured out our lie They’ve figured us out let’s pack it up boys Meme

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