>Be me >27 and can barely afford rent >Parents kikd me out&left me with the two cats >Depressed af boutta kms soon >Feed them whatever I eat cuz can't afford catfood 7 KB >Lyin in bed eating a Mcchezburger >The black cat climbs up >Assume she wants some so break off a piece >Does the little cat thing where she pushes it away with her hand& lays next2 me >guessshewantsthestrokejpg >Rub her til he starts purring >Purring really fucking loud >Grey cat comes up to get the stroke too >Stroking both cats simultaniously >Start paying less attention to black cat's strokes fucking claws at grey cat >She falls off >Feel really special cuz first time anyones ever fought over me >Legit cry right then n there >Black cat looks at me almost with a human sympathy stare >Black cat stands up to get on my lap MFW my cats made me feel like I was actually worth something MFW I'm motivated to get an actual job rather than a fucking mcjob MFW I can actually afford a decent house now MFW my cats are the only things that care about me Still a virgin but one step at a time amerite? Wholesome greentext??? Meme

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