>Dream >House is attacked >They steal our car >Somehow pacify our dog not in a violent manner they just make him extremely friendly for no reason >Not sure what to do >Scared of meeting them so I just hide in random places at home while staring at them >Decide to strike >Get knife from kitchen >The large heavy one for extra dps >Catch one off guard >Hold knife against him >Goes outside to the rest >Tell them to fuck off >Somehow exchange this loser for their boss >Rest run away >Call the cops on them >Keep boss with me >He starts annoying him >Stab him >Then again >Start cutting off pieces of his flesh for the hell of it >He doesn't really react or care >STAB MORE >Keep doing that until cops come >End up being woken up by my mom irl because she needs me to go buy something Well that was fun Fun fact I've had this specific dream a few times but this is the first time I actually did something about the robbery And boy did it go weird Meme

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