>l am about a typical 26 year old >I'm also highly socially awkward >l temporarily live with my parents as I recently lost my home long story Turns out I have a total crush on my sister and tend to get raging hardons when she's near but she doesn't seem to care sOne night my mom and dad go to their school reunion they both met in school >l sat down watching TV while my sister is upstairs doing whatever Out of no where sister comes into the living room wearing barely anything >l got so fucking hard >She sits next to me my boner showing no signs of stopping >l can't help it and keep staring at her boobs they're so fucking huge >So l talk to her about her day and just casual >When out of nowhere she rests her shoulder orn me and strokes my hand >l stare at her in the eyes and smile She smiles back I've been drinking a bit so I try and make a move knowing I can blame it on the vodka I've been drinking >Funnily enough she fucking let's me >l begin groping her boobs and I swear - I'm about to cum in my fucking pants She pulls away and says she can't >I ask her if it's because we're brother and sister She says no because she needs something first Anything I say grabbing both of her hands >She stares deeply into my eyes and in the most seductive wav T need about tree fiddy Meme

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