>There's a buttplugsextoy integration plugin for FFXIV's combat log parser Of course I am not surprised not in the slightest READMEmd WHAT Software and hardware interacting in marvelous ways There's video games one of which is Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV As is usual with MMOS there is software to measure your performance in fights for FFXIV this is Advanced Combat Tracker ACT ACT supports plugins and is written in Ce as is the wunderful Buttplug library- an open source BSD-licensed implementation of an open sex toy control protocol There's also me who got bored-slash-inspired and plugged ehehehe plugged get it those things together WHY No comment HOW Download a release unblock the contained dlls extract them into your ACT folder load the plugin configure the plugin click Ready! Building it yourself should be straight-forward just get the dependencies with nuget assuming I configured that right if not open an issue to make me aware that I didn't and well build the only project in the solution Or get a programmer friend of yours to do it maybe Configurable events consist of an action name an attacker a victin and an intensity The only necessary entries are duration and intensity the former in seconds with one significant digit after the period eg e2 for 02 seconds or 200 milliseconds The action nane is the name of the action as in-game eg Rage of Halone or Regen The victin and attacker strings are the in-game name of a PC or NPC or ou as special string for the character of the player on the computer where the plugin is running As an example if someone where to want to en-discourage their paladin tank from healing one could configure the following event which vibrates at 80% whenever the PC casts clemency Action nane Clenency Attacker YOU victim Duration 2 Intensity 80 80 Retweets 194 Likes As someone who plays FFXIV why am I not surprised? Meme

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