Вack Ratings & Reviews Lack luster support glitchy app no s 1y ago Raw randy I am a military member whose been trying to grind ahead for some time T have had this app for over one year convincing my friends to utilize it At first it had great interface and support Whenever a glitchy interface issue happened it wasn't a big deal I am a bit aggressive with my investments and utilize margin They have always been transparent with regards to when a calls happening and when funds are due Recently the app gave me conflicting messages T lodged two complaints trouble tickets as that's the only means of communication besides a number that only plays a recording to lodge complaints online Long story short I was told to cover but when I went to cover and see what was needed and estimated as a safe amount it said I was fine Today they sold my positions at a huge loss I was prepared to cover but they'd rather not answer customer service I will be seeking recoupment legally as this is not a sound business model Every brokerage is responsive within an hour or so or at the very least will tell you in a single location what amount of funds are needed and when This is straight up bad business and a poorly run app Unless customer service fixes this problem I will keep this review in place and encourage all my friends to place similar reviews I will also be Because your work history is so relevant to the review Meme

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