пеr by we Snoura meet man аестаеs Volantis Now that plan is in ruins as well I have had enough of Illyrio's plans Robert Baratheon won the Iron Throne without the benefit of dragons We can do the same And if I am wrong and the realm does not rise for us we can always retreat back across the narrow sea as Bittersteel once did and others after him 99 head stubbornly Strickland shook h The risk- -is not what it was now that Tywin Lannister is dead The Seven Kingdoms will never be more ripe for conquest Another boy king sits the Iron Throne this one even younger than the last and rebels are thick upon the ground as autumn leaves Even so said Strickland alone we 66 99 cannot hope to-' Griff had heard enough of the captain- general's cowardice We will not be alone Dorne will join us must join us Prince Aegon is Elia's son as well as Rhaegar's That's so the boy said and who is there left in Westeros to oppose us? A 99 woman 99 A Lannister woman insisted the 99 captain-general The bitch will have Eben the Golden Company feared Tywin Lannister Meme

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