ЧП Thursday 846 pm You're not looking for hookups but what if hookups are looking for you? Gotta ask the deep questions Today 1202 am Hmm depends On girth Oh you're more into girth than depth? Oh fully Bowling ball-esque How girthy are you though I'm into equality Comparatively not very Damn I need thick girthy children that will survive the winter I've been told I have a nice butt if Э 4О that helps Nice butt usually goes hand in hand with sturdy child-bearing hips so I'm into it You tryna start a family before you pass away next year? #old I'm old as fuck tbh Gotta bust some nuts before I kick it Haha gross Anyway I've got prune juice and condoms so I hope you're ready to get freaky Wow Sounds so hot I'm dripping Haha me too I spilled my prune juice Believe it or not this actually led to something Meme

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