„Greta doesn't deserve TIME Person of the Year“ -Starterpack Railway operator SJ to double train capacity over five years nature Subscribe Greta effect' leads to boom in children's environmental books Climate crisis 6 million people join latest wave of global protests NEWS 14 MARCH 2019 Thousands of scientists are backing the kids striking for climate change The 16-year old climate change activist has gahvanised young people toread more about saving the planet Students around the world are walking out of school to urge governments to di Week of strikes and demonstrations is 'only the beginning' say more about global warming organisers Muhe We CAPI ASMO CLIMATE TRUIH Ar SCHOOLS Raleay operor Sivest in s0 longdstance tains and 50 regional tans Phon Jon Olav Nesvold NT scanpixT SUACTS A The dmtechange aThueg c Climate chang b e eemoee hgr e hoga wtngku s After an increasing number of people in Sweden travelled by train in 2019s third quarter railway operator Sis now investing to double its capacity o theuberof youngleadng t The o Goardian 613 Edaton A Demonstrators in Lisbon on friday partof a global climate sike joned by an estimated 2 milion people worldwide hotograph Pa de ele More etty imagen 60 Six million people have taken to the streets over the past week uniting across timezones cultures and generations to demand urgent action on the Lescalatine ecolocicalcmeroency 59 58 Abrany diute prott by tdemanden Owwtor taymanoatheotoreny O REUTERS Business Markts Word Politics TV More + Add te myPT European Parliament elections SUSTAINABLE BIE The European parliament has declared a global climate and environmental emergency Green parties emerge as big winners in European Parliament elections Swedish student leader wins EU pledge to spend billions on climate Bloc has historically sought to punch above its weight in parliament Clare Roch Verlauf des Wahitrends Umfrageverlauf von August 2017 bis August 2019 Darstellung Linien Bereich 2 Jahve Endmonat August 2019 • COUCsU • SPO Grüne • AfD Linke O FDP Greta Thunberg effect' driving growth in carbon offsetting BRUSSELS Reuters - The European Union should spend handreds of billions of euros combating climate change during the next decade its chief executive said on Thursday responding to a Swedish teen who has inspired a global movement of children against global warming 40 NGOs report fourfoldincreases in imvestments in carbon-reducing projects in developing countries 35 applause 30 25 20 15 10 INTS G Thunbeg SOENC The German Green party's top candidate Sven Giego ASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJA AThe eta Thube gd ndgtot the sy Tonias SchwarzAFP 2017 2018 2019 Growing concern about the climate crisis and the Greta Thunberg effect ace driving huge increases in individuals and businesses choosing to offset their aCubonuedacing polecte in dealorina ount SKOLSTDE IK Jim Brunsden in Brussels MAY 28 2019 Guys do you think Greta made enough impact to justify TIME Person of the year Meme

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