0 '1473% e 1 1 57 AM Search I've been getting a lot of messages asking what I'm doing now so here's a little info I am no longer with an MLM company l've chosen CDM consumer driven marketing and you guys I couldn't be happier Just like Ring Ebates & Instacart I literally just refer friends They are a huge and toxic-free manufacturing company with over 600 products that's been in business for 39 years Think Costco or Sam's Club with Whole Foods Quality and Walmart Prices delivered right to your door I I don't sell anything I don't keep inventory or collect money l'm just referring friends to try a different way to do their shoppingIt's a great opportunity for anyone looking to supplement their income without having to sell stuff We have the highest paying referral program as well as cash back at over 650 retailers like Ebates but higher returns most of the time Look I didn't care about my home being non-toxic before I found this company But When you know better you do better and I'm obsessed Now I'm just helping other people convert their home save money and if they choose make some money! It's the best Shop Club ever Meme

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