012 24 Pewdiepie did another oopsie 43 views Joji Skies Published on 30 Apr 2019 ANALYTICS EDIT VIDEO Just days after ending the meme Sub to pewdiepie Felix Ulf Ka-chow-berg Pewdiepie was caught on livestream maniacally laughing at a Subscribe to pewdiepie banner flying over New York City Was it all just a ploy to get the media off his back whilst he ups the efforts to regain the spot as #1 youtuber? Comedy Category SHOW LESS 1 CommentSORT BY Add a public comment s ago edited He was laughing because it was a positive way to promote his channel Even though he ended the meme he still allowed people to fly the banner because it was not an act of hate or crime Pretending to be the media and taking a clip of pewdiepie out of context mixed with some Kars to make him look bad backfired Meme

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