0 41150% 712 PM 17 hrs In dark corners of the web men are teaching others how to exercise their natural male right The Growing Movement of Men Who Secretly Remove Condoms During Sex broadlyvicecom 90821k 14K Comments 269 Shares Like Џ Comment Share Shaun Walsh Hey guys you wanna do this without the potential rape charges? just buy shitty condoms and pound away hard Every time i got the free rubbers from planned parenthood they all broke compared to ones i paid for Lol problem solved You're welcome b1gsp1n thathighguy naked-yogi thatfeministkilljoy Men quite literally have 0 respect for women as human beings This is an article about a type of rape and Shaun thinks it’s a good idea to spread tips on how have unprotected sex without your partner’s permission in a way that you’re even less likely to face any consequences you’re already incredibly unlikely to face consequences for rape esp rape by deceit Men get mad that women don’t trust them but it’s proven time and time again we have no reason to I hate men so much more every single day if you’re a man who is offended by the generalizations about your gender… you’re a part of the problem Who raised these ppl? If you do this unfollow me me delete your account and don’t even look at woman again Meme

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