0 UE alll 93% et 200 - Search shared a post '' Yesterday at 227 PM Anal sex- happens from watching too much porn and letting satan into our lives and tell us how we should use May 5 at 126 PM our bodies Two things Satan wants to happen 1 The person getting it up their butt will lose control of their pooping and will need to wear adult diapers at a younger age than usual nal Sex- 2 When shit get on the penis the poop can go into the penis hole and give them Hepatitis-B or even worst Polio! And if shit goes into the vagina they will get a yeast infection for sure could get Hepatitis B or even The only time tries A man To convince You His Dickworst polio Really Isn't That Big The moral of the story don't do anal sex it is ignorant 7h Like Reply GIFI Write a comment The guy's also a Mormon pastor Meme

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