0045 I just wanted to tell you that I still like you That's whyI wanted to see you after your exams to tell you how I feel And I'm really sorry if I'm making you upset If I don't tell you this now you'll never know neh For 3 years I liked you a lot and I was hel pless You were with between you two cause it's not a nice thing to do and I have to respect him As a guy if I was in his position I wouldn't be okay with something like this Like I said earlier for some reason I feel like we will have a chan ce one day If you can give us a chance I promise you that I will do whatever it takes to make this work and I'll always makes you happy I always felt like we have a connection But we will never know that until we give it a go and see I can feel it when you are upset Even though you don't tell me a and I didn't wanna get in I'm not someone special to you I guess but you've always been someone that special to me So unlucky not to have someone like you in my life I hope you don't hate me And I know you don't see me the way I see you But it's okay I wanted us to be close friends but seems like you always kept the distance that's probably cause you've enough people in your life ldek whether we gonna see each other's again or not I really do hope we will keep in touch All I know is you deserve to be happy and for some reason I feel like you're hiding something idk what but I feel like that And the other thing is I know you guys have a lot supporrt from friends and that's a good thing and I don't have a right to say this but I'm gonna say this anyway just do what you think is right It's okay to get others opinion but always stick to your decisions Do you thinks that we will have a future? And I will always respect your decisions no matter what If you can think of this from my point of view and be honest and tell me what do you think of me Ipromise you that I will never cross your path again I will miss you a lot We haven't spend much time together but I enjoyed every minute that I spent with you I enjoyed a lot making you laugh This is the same thing I told you but I'm send ing you this anyway if you feel like down and etc You can have a look at this then you'll know that they're people that loves you for who you are and you're loved matter and a worthy person This is a long af message a guy sent to my friend confessing his feelings a THIRD TIME despite her telling him she's happy in her relationship More context in the comments Meme

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