00 Sprint 1102 PM a facebookcom Creighton Leigh July 25 2016 at 547pm When my mom found out I was having sex I thought she'd beat the hell out of me She took me for breakfast asked a few questions and took me to see a gynecologist I was rx'd birth control When we got home she told me she was disappointed that I didn't wait but she wanted me to be safe We talked about condoms and she showed me a Nike box full of condoms she kept at the top of the living room closet for my brothers She also told my high school boyfriend's mother She quickly cleared up that your daughter is fast bullshit and let her know she needed to talk to her son about safer sex She was hurt upset and surprised but she did not punish me She also said don't lay there just to please a man learn your body She took me to the gyn once a year and kept me on her insurance through college so I could have access to birth control My mom was a strict as they come but she knew better than to shame me for doing what humans do I mean she was on my ass like a hawk and cock blocked like no one's business but she didn't punish me for having sex People talked mad shit about my mom because of it Stop beating your daughters for fucking It isn't a deterrent It isn't a barrier They will find a way to do what they want to The only thing you're doing is making sure they go through life feeling shame around their sexuality I have told way too many kids and adults that they are HIV positive who were confused about how it happened Talk to your kids openly and honestly about sex Spend more time talking to them and less time beating and humiliating them in front of an audience I called my mom today and thanked her jehovahhthicknessSo important Meme

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