0044 Chapter 12 Quiz DNA Technology 25 25 The type of bacteria most often used to mass produce genes and frequently the cause of food poisoning outbreaks like those affecting romaine lettuce and Chipotle in the past is B A tumefaciens D S cerevisiae P aeruginosa E coli Bonus 1 pt each 1 CRISPR technology has been adapted from the mechanisms of A respiratoryhumans C reproductivebacteria defensebacteria C fermentationyeast CR The CRISPR-Cas9 system of gene editing improves on previous gene therapies because A CRISPR is targeted to specific genes like a guided missile B The CRISPR system is relatively cheap C Both A & B are true D Neither A nor B are true 2 2 Who killed the Night King? 3 WouD TELL ME My science teacher put a GoT question on his quiz but I’m more of a Star Wars guy Meme

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