014854 Second Life 1737297 has offered to teleport you to their location Join me in 1717396 M-Moderate Cancel Teleport 014945 you don't know what a TP is? 1 know what a TP is what I don't know is why you are sending one to me why not? Because I don't know you? what's wrong with getting to know new people? Nothing at all but you could have engaged me in conversation first you like a bit of foreplay beforehand? 015001 015018 015039 015101 015119 015140 015221 015225 0152411 015245 Second Life sure now that we had a bit of a conversation you can tp now 1737297 has offered to teleport you to their location Join me in 1717396 Moderate M Teleport Cancel thats gonna be a no from me dawg whv are you using negroid type typing? Are you one of the monkey people? Gosh what a charmer you are Why don't women just throw themselves at you like somuch confetti? You'll tell me what a nice guy you are next thing most women in this game are guys in female avatars with the mental disorder of homosexuality and until 015253 015321 015438 015447 015606 I hear you speaking on voice that's quite a high probability that you're a guy 015644 and I am an awesome and amazing and kind and humble man for I am open and frank with people and being honest with a person is the kindest thing you can do to a person 015839 015839 015859 this is so going on rcreepyPMs woudln't you agree bro? are you always so touchy and socially anxious? His username was literally a variation on 'Nice Guy' TW Racism and Homophobia Meme

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