015 lix has responded after he faced backlash for omoting a video from a channel that turned out be rife with anti-semitism and racism 1h Like Reply Just racists supporting other racists h Haha Reply He didn't know That's all I'm gonna say 52m Like R 4 uRaCiSts sUpPoRtlnG oThEr RaCisTS 0020 Just racists supporting other racists 1h ha Reply Viel 43 revious replies 51m Like Reply WETHEUNICORNSCONM PewDiePie faces backlash after promoting neo-nazi YouTuber He enjoys er's anime review that is er all about do edgy jokes ya know some people can get over it 1h Like Reply I sald what I sal Like Comment Share Tenor 67 Subs To Pewds 48m Like Reply Most Relevant V He doesn't even know 29m Like Reply Clearly you dont watch Felix 46m Like Reply He didnt knoW And er video was 2 Give him a break ffs He didn't even know And that video was like years ago years ago Like Reply I GIF OH GOD 9m Like Reply You're so white Tenor Everyone I have an announcement Subscribe to pewdiepie 6m Like Reply BSOLUTE 2m Like Reply Anyway hello my fellow 9 year olds 2m Like Reply GIPHY 12m Haha Reply So much wrong with Giana Mylynn 6m Like Reply Sub to PewDiePie Subs To Pewds 1m Like Reply BUT CAN YOU DO THIS? you said that pewdiepie is racist? He raised a campaign to let his fans and other famous to donate to Indian's child labors He didn't mean to racist he just wants to make joke to make people entertained Beyond half of the Indians hate him cuz they are very patriotic and can't take any criticism But a few Indian creator like SaimanSays support him and stated that pewds actually a g GIF Tenor 10m Like Reply Subs To Pewds Tenor I respect women 2m Like Reply Meme

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