02012019 Ain't no one felt shooting a pistol the hard as trigger pull and ear piercing noise of a45 or 12 gauge is nothing of a 22 And let alone the odds of a killer from a genetic stand point within schools are low and often don't see psychological turns until adult hood 02012019 I guess but that is not what I want you to see my point being legit that those threats are the biggest joke ever made by edgy teens that have never shot a real gun and never dealt the killing or being killed simply on well not go against human instinct to kill the brain isn't programmed to no one wants to the fact that kids would even make these threats disgust me like are they not aware of places like Syria where the kids there have to walk around with 762 AK-47 and fight for there lives light alone their siblings life good almighty kids these days disgust me 13 year old veteran is disgusted by kids these days Meme

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