040119Mon220002 No2074185'1 Anonymous Anon plays with fire >be me 9 years old went to arandparents house for the holidays we had an electric heater since we were on the middle of winter 152 KB JPG feelsgoodmanjpg was bored in the middle of the night >my mum let me stay a bit longer since I was really comfortable with the warmth everyone was asleep 9 year old me decided to play with a piece of paper and folded it so that it could fit inside the heater I was just curious if it got warm it catches fire OH GOD WHY DID I DO THIS? had a paper burning above my hands quickly run towards dishwasher one floor below ashes were falling everywhere on the stairs >got to wash the paper with an abundance of water which spilled everywhere in the bathroom I did not get burned don't worry everyone was still asleep did T almost burn my grandparents house while everyone was sleeping? next day woke up and pretended that it didn't happen >dont play with fire kids >pic unrelated thankfully Anon plays with fire Meme

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