060919Sun055734 No801741156 Anonymous High story thread I'll start be me > > 16 yo with a couple gs and my best friend >go to a tunnel near a park near my house we burn through that shit in 20 5 KB JPG minutes >both zoinked >he tells me to take a hike so he can beat his meat >I walk around outside the tunnel looking for something to do spots family of ducks with 3 ducklings watch them for a while 1 gets left behind and is a weak little bitch so can't catch up with the rest > pick it up because it's cute > thing starts fucking screaming for help mom turns around >cuts off its airflow so it stops peeping and mom won't eat my ass > admire the silent cuteness for a few minutes > > after a few minutes the thing goes limp and fucking dies > high terrified holding a duckling carcass in my hand >buddy finishes his wank >I say look what I found like a gayfag toss duckling carcass to him > catches it looks at it for a second WHAT THE FUCK?! > yeets that shit with the power of fucking Tom Brady hits the stone wall of tunnel makes loud splat >both of us fucking die laughing at the sound >walk back to my house high realizing I just strangled a duckling >cry > post your stories anons Anon meets a duck fren Meme

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