071019Wed203236 No53317082 Anonymous Tard stories I will start you off >be me >be in 8th grade >be eating food in secluded spot >see the tard class walking down path Some info on these tards most 213 KB JPG were your garden variety potato though one kid a year ahead was a plague bearer the kid was covers in warts rash and acne >downy comes up to me Fmljpeg >tell him to leave me alone >l just want to eat my sandwich and sit in peace >tard rummaging through my stuff >climb nearest tree like the little skinny bad ass I was Now some information this tard was afraid of falling objects >find small ball moss pic related >toss a few clumps of the stuff at the tard >jump down faster than a Jew on a dollar >tard panics >tard flees They never found out anon eats Meme

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