090918Sun060442 No39095789 Anonymous Gun Store Experiences be me at Cabelas literally 30 vear old boomer with mustache and Gadsden hat four workers are chatting at the gun counter give 'em a nod and a smile start checking out revolvers guy comes over Can I help you? 282 KB JPG >Haven't even taken a number yet wow! sSure thing buddy mind getting that Uberti out for me? >I spend about fifteen minutes fingerfucking revolvers until I find one that scratches my cowboy itch give my ID to the fella and let him go box up my wheelgat look over and notice some pock-faced zoomer wearing full flecktarn and coke-bottle glasses staring as hard as he can at the lowers on sale He's not making eye contact with the employees I'm chatting with some old man who works there about 44 magnum nobody helping the Flecktarn Avenger who looks about eighteenish >another worker comes over to ask if I need help give her a smile and tell her l've already been helped she gives me the little datapad thing to enter my info on so can get done more quickly jovially chat with workers as lget my shit sorted go to the other counter to make my purchase official walk back over to the gun counter long talk with evervone about how it's nice that there are so many durr this yurr Meme

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