0940 X ao tz -45% e I wrote you a poem Roses are red Your as cute as a duck Let's go on a date and then we can cuddle Your poem is cute I've seen it before Also I know It should be you're Wednesday 0754 Mosquitoes rose from hell and you fell from heaven I fell from heaven Got hit by a pine It hurt a lot But not as much as that line Roses are red You sure have some sass I hope you're this fiesty When I'm tapping that ass Roses are red Your poems kinda flop Cuz all that shit on rTinder If you sort by Hot But Tinder said hey superswipe these guys! And you were the best of the four And I'm not gonna lie If the mood strikes I can be kinda a whore Oops that's not PC There's supposed to be more to me I think So before we jump straight to tappin You gotta at least buy me a drink I'll buy you multiple Long Island ice teas Not only do you copypaste I don't get to pick my own drink? Little unoriginal Type a message Ducks are cute roses are red at least he didnt ask if I liked bread Meme

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