10k rShowerthoughts uTekkobra 10h HODOR NATION_ 5h How It's Made could honestly save us Why would knowing how candles are made help me with a TV? in the event that we have some sort of technological setback 194 Mindblowing LuckyLuckfuck 5h Because then you can make candles and watch TV by them duh T Share 225k 384 256 BEST COMMENTS HODOR_NATION 4h Madness-Proxy 9h But how doI make the candles without the TV How would we watch it? Reply 21k 115 turbo8891 9h Watch TV by candlelight duh LSUCKAMA 4h 18k That's what the TV will show you 183 Madness-Proxy 9h How do I power a TV with a candle? HODOR NATION 4h But if I don't have any candles how can I watch TV 481 Hillbilly-Maverick 8h You obviously need to watch more How It's 102 Made 10k ILoveToCorrectPeople 4h just make the candles HODOR NATION 5h Why would knowing how candles are 165 made help me with a TV? CONTINUE THIS THREAD Add a comment me_irl Meme

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