114 1 YOU MATCHED WITHON 22419 Just arrived in we have limited time to fall in love Yesterday 1050 PM What do you do here? Travel? Yep just traveling How long have you lived here? Yesterday 1134 PM Not into travelers you'll leave me 1 year now Today 1109 AM Just come travel with me Sent Today 112 PM You sound exactly like a white traveler who'll just fuck around with Asian women Then after fucking Asian women move to next destination and start hunting again Fall in love your ass! You are too arrogant and think that you'll get every girl that you'll flirt with You should know better that not all girls aren't that stupid and easy Just because you are white that doesn't mean you are handsomehot for every Asian girl We are smarter than you've ever imagined Now fuck off and make your messages more sense GIF Type a message Send I mean she’s not wrong Meme

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