@ 1 19% 814 AM l TFW 12 It's not sustainable either way cause you're not really friends That foundation is broken the moment you cross a certain lineI think I totally understand where you're coming from But I feel like at that point you're not even friends But I feel like you can be flirtatious and have a good friendship you just need to set the boundaries Let it be known if you're gonna fuck then say it you just wanna flirt than flirt I just feel like I'm the type of person who would genuinely still wanna talk and know about your life and to you still flirt every once in a while I mean that's how most of my friendship are Just know that first and foremost l'll be there as a friend That's just from my perspective though Sorry I wrote you a whole paragraph Also what are you doing today Text Message Declined coworker’s offer for a threesome Still wants to “be there for me” as a friend of course Meme

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