126 I LTE Google 1 Share 73k 373 Award h 13 CONGRATS COMRADE 12 h Im not gonna like it so you dont get 960 likes t 2 5h Lol no need to have privacy if you have nothing to hide Thats why we have the patriot act and NSA Personally as a parent I browse this sub since one of my kids is a teenager Heshe too uses reddit and mostly is on rteenagers Since I know my kid's account user & password this works perfectly! I know what heshe looks at I know everything about them This way my kid does nothing wrong I highly recommend other parents to follow suit t2126 ADragonsMom Now 15 fucking weirdo 311 13 it's not about doing anything wrong it's about ranting about stupid thing parents do on occasion and things you can't tell your parents 26 5h 15 You might not need the privacy but it's still a What bad parenting Meme

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