1339 QUITE INTERESTING FACTS TO MAKE YOUR JAW DROP JOHN LLOYD JOHN MİTCHINSON AND JAMES HARKIN YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHORS Wendy in Peter Pan was based on the daughter of the man who inspired Long John Silver in Treanure Island Mark Twain said he wanted to dig up Jane Austen and beat her the skull with her own shin bone François le Clere is the only known pirate to have had a peg-leg If Jane Austen hadn't broken off her engagement she would have been known as Mrs Harris Bigg-Wither The amputated leg of General Santa Anna president of Mexico was buried with all military honors in 1841 One in ten women cares more for a fictional man than for her partner fu Seven times as many people die from being pushed of high buildings in Mexico as in any other country Mayonnaise is the only known instrument to not b played by any professionals C 142 3 Meme

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