148 Bro i just touched my dick then a flicker of lighting came through my window scared the crap outta me typing this still with flowing adrenaline Other Discussion TShare Award Vote 7 BEST COMMENTS Now 16 PuffGetsSideB That's not just adrenaline flowing- it's powerI'm sure you've heard of the ancient tale of Zeus' thunderbolt While most of the stories are true and well- documented the translations of the ancient texts leave out one crucial detail it was only metaphorical a thunderbolt The thunderbolt was in reality his cock Zeus was logically a ladies man with such a legendary jealous so she cursed him weapon but his wife was and caused a little of his thunder power to leave every time he had intercourse with another woman Determined to keep his power as whole as possible Zeus found two last woman with which to divide has divine power To one he nutted the power of lightning To the other he nutted the power of thunder The powers were foretold to be reawaken separately when the world needed them most My brother I just touched my balls and thunder clapped It is time that we of its evils as join forces and rid the world LIGHTNING COCK AND THUNDER BALLS t 1 Edit Add a comment » The dynamic duo Meme

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