1 94% 0057 rAskReddit Prison guards of Reddit what is the most wholesome thing you have ever seen happen in your prison? 14k 387 Share TOP COMMENTS ▼ 3h I walked up on a group of 4 inmates pl When I had to do community service in my small county I a female had to go out with the work gang from the mens jail There weren't any other options for me So it was a young 20's me with a bunch of hard-bitten frequent fliers more than twice my age One of the days we broke for lunch at this little out of the way park It's one of those first really nice days of spring and it's all breezy and pretty out I finish my lunch and decide to go swing on the swings At first the men poked a little good natured fun at me Then one of them came over to ioin me Then another Next thing you know there's a bunch of convicts and one deputy playing on the playground equipment and we're all having a grand time We spun each other on the carousel We went down the slide We attempted to see-saw It was such an odd moment of fun This Prison guards wholesome bonding experience with convicts Meme

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