1 94% lEE 4G 1022 Private facebookcom 1 60%1 lOptus 4G 1717 12 hrs CAN ANYONE HELP ME a woman on a Facebook selling page going by the name joy stanly put a post up trying to re-home her jack russell I felt sorry for the dog in the picture because it was old and only had 3 legs so I messaged her and offered to take it in she then asked me to meet her at the Asda car park in Boldon at 10 o'clock to collect the dog as she seemed to be in a rush to hand him over then be on her way and after getting him Home I have now realised that she has palmed me off with a 3 legged goat that looks very similar to a jack russell and now iv trying to message her it seems she's blocked and deleted me I wasn't 100 % sure so I asked my next door neighbour who use to have a jack russell and he confirmed that it's definitely a goat I feel like shit because I don't know what to feed him and he's not the biggest fan of pedigree chum Can anyone help me ?? A Jack Russell?? Meme

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