1 Award My wife doesn't like it when l say I swear to god because I'm a devout atheist and she sees it as so now I say say I swear to Stewart god we've got hypocritical because he's the closest thing to a Edit this seems to have blown up more than I expected So l'll offer more information I am anti organized religion for a number reasons which I won't go into at length suffice to say I enjoy debating and showing many of the illogicalities and shortcomings of religious beliefs My wife who is very intelligent and very sassy used to give me shit for saying things like Jesus Christ when I was surprised or oh my god because I actively and openly oppose religious teachings and so using those terms validates the pervasiveness of religious influence in modern society She is not an uppity cunt as one person so she just enjoys giving terminology that I actively protest against which is the very definition of hypocrisy I acknowledge and understand that it's just a phrase however am of the opinion that the words we use reflect the influences on our culture hence why me using religious terms in everyday life is hypocritical I am happy to continue to discuss this howeverI ask that people not insult my wife for pointing o t flaws in my own rhetoric eloquently said me shit for using Peak Reddit Meme

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