1 bay leaf 1 carrot c cold wat Welsh Rabbit Corned Beef and Cabbage Parsley-Buttered Potatoes and Carrots Scones and Marmalade English Trifle Tea 1 small he 1 Place bee leaf and water Do skimming cabbage 2 Slowly bri 3 Remove t or until the cxons 4 Remove c Surround and onion Per serving 261 c drate 17 g fat 61 Welsh Rabbit Serves 6 Parsl 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour cup fat free milk teaspoon pepper teaspoon dry mustard h teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese 6 slices toast cut diagonally into quarters 2'2 pounds s 2 tablespoc fresh pars 1 Carefully s peel aroun 2 Place pota water Brin minutes or 3 Drain potat parsley sti Serve imm Combine flour and milk in a small tightly covered container Shake until thoroughly 1 blended 2 Pour flour mixture into a small saucepan Blend in pepper mustard and Worcestershire sauce stirring until mixture is smooth 3 Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until sauce comes to a boil Cook and stir for one additional minute until sauce is thick and smooth Red potatoes potatoes 4 Remove sauce from heat and add cheese stirring constantly until the cheese is melted 5 Serve over toast pieces Garnish with hard- cooked egg wedges parsley or paprika Per serving 124 ca drate 4 g fat 0 mg Per serving 164 cal 38% from fat 9 g protein 16 g carbohy- drate 7 g fat 20 mg cholesterol 0 g fiber 274 mg sodium Legit Found this rabbit of misinformation in my daughter’s textbook Meme

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