1 Don't date a boy who cancels plans last minute Especially if he's canceling for someone else You are not a second choice You are not a third choice You are a first choice or you are nothing to him Do you understand me baby? You are worth so much more than that don't let him push you around 2 If he's rude to you drop him I don't care how many times he says just kidding or baby I didn't mean it you keep your head up your shoulders straight your chin high and you demand to be treated as the goddess you are 3 If he doesn't hold your hand in front of his friends or wrap his arms around you when you're with his family then he isn't worth it Date someone who can't keep their hands off of you Date someone who aches with the need to feel your skin on theirs 4 Make sure he has goals aspirations dreams Make sure he has a plan of some sort If he doesn't have any of those what are you guys supposed to talk about? What are your 2 AM conversations going to look like? 5 Find out his hobbies and interests and make sure they're similar to yours If you want to travel date someone who will drop what they're doing just to take you on a random adventure You don't want to be stuck with someone who's idea of a good night is sitting on his futon with cheesy Dorito fingers while you watch him play video games 6 If your brother doesn't like him or if he rubs your sister the wrong way trust their instinct There's probably a reason I can guarantee you darling if you bring him home and we can see in his eyes that you light up his entire world than we will love him just as much as you do 7 Baby if he ever lays a finger on you you fucking leave him Don't think twice don't look back and don't you dare accept his apology two days later 8 If you can't trust him you shouldn't be dating him If you have to go through his phone to sleep better at night he's not the one for you 9 You're going to fight you're going to argue that is all part of a relationship But baby if he is contradicting everything you say solely for the sake of an argument just walk away 10 I've seen anger and rage in your grandfather's eyes I saw it everyday for 17 years baby If losing a football game makes him so mad as to not want to speak to you than you are giving yourself to the wrong boy He's going to grow and he's going to get meaner and he's going to hurt you Leave now 11 If his laugh doesn't claw it's way into your memory and his smile doesn't make you feel like the entire universe is right in front of you than you are wasting your time Don't date a boy who httpstcontTjjQ4fRL Meme

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