1 ETERNAL STORAGE At the University of Southampton scientist have successfully used nanostructured glass device to create and retrive data This device is size of the American quarter that can hold 36OTB of data and remain intact up to 1000°C that means the average life at room temprature will be 138 billion years 2DINOSAUR'S TAIL In month of december 99 million year old piece of dinosaur's tail was dangerously close to be converted into a jewelry but luckily landed in the hands of a paleontologists at market in Burma who confirn it as tissue of dinosaur's tail which was first concieved as part of small plant 3 GRAVITATIONAL RIPPLES About 13 billon years ago two black hole of the size of 29 and 31 times the size of the sun collided to form a massive black hole due to this mass equal to 3 suns was converted into enegery which was then emitted in fraction of secondThis gravitational waves were first predicted by General theory of relativity 4GENE EDITING Gene editing has been used for very long time for developing food crops and on animal but for first time it is been deviced for curing diseases like cancer by carefull editing of the gene Further development in this technology may lead to designer babies prolonged lifespan eradication genetic diseases like diabetes 5 HYPERLOOP ONE Hyperloop the vacuum-powered train line created by Elon Musk may get a big boost next year Hyperloop One a company founded to pursue the idea plans to unveil a test track this year 6 WEIRD XRAY Odd X-ray pulses are streaming from the core of the Andromeda and Perseus galaxies And the signals' spectrum or light signature does not match any known particle or atom So astronomers are tentatively salivating over the prospect of a scientific breakthrough as this phenomenon could just be the first tangible sign of dark matter Furthermore since the radiation emanates from the cores of the galaxies it corresponds lo areas of highly concentrated dark matter clumps So while nothing is certain yet this could be a momentous discovery that would greatly increase our understanding of a long-standing universal mystery New scientific discoveries and inventions Believe it or not Meme

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