1 hr - Ryan Goodman @rgoodlaw WAR CRIME Making the clearly-recognized historic monuments works of art or places of worship which constitute the cultural or spiritual heritage of peoples the object of attack Geneva Convention Protocol I also US Department of Defense Law of War Manual 518 Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump targeted 52 Iranian sites representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture and those targets and Iran itself WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD The USA wants no more threats! 552 PM Jan 4 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 19 Comments O Comment O Like It most definitely is a war crime Religious sites are off limits Cultural site's fall in a similar category Reply - 1h Like Exactly why they shouldn't attack us? Like Reply - 38m a Hide 17 Replies Are you saying that its alright to violate the Geneva Conventions? If war has to be waged it can be done very effectively without going against a set of standards meant to keep civilians out of harms way as much as possible and prevent soldiers from being forced to enact orders that are monstrous The point is that the actions he details are explicitly war crimes defined by the UN and agreed upon by all parties We don't get to violate those rules just because our country has the biggest swinging dick Like - Reply - 35m Ono they're what you interpreted as war crimes Let's not forget he was purposely being vague and you interpreted monuments art religious building etc Like Reply 33m did you not read the response to his tweet? Vague or not targeting sites of cultural significance religious buildings included is literally a violation of the Conventions That means its a war crime no interpretation necessary its explicitly stated Like - Reply - 31m To clarify Trump used the phrase some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture Technically the first and second fall within credible and legal targets for a war campaign the third does not Like Reply - 29m - Edited What response the definition above? No you're inferencing again Do you not think that's your own opinion? Like Reply 28m no its not my opinion Read Trump's tweet he literally says that some of the targets are of cultural significance Now read the cited part of the Conventions its explicitly states that sites of cultural significance cannot be legally targeted I don't know how to make this any more straightforward for you Like Reply 28m it didn't state religious or historical The word culture is a pretty wide blanket And I can't have a conversation with you if you're going to be that stubborn to see the difference between facts and opinions Like Reply 26m culture or spiritual heritage &the Iranian culture The words are literally the same so no apparently you can't tell the difference between fact and opinion Its literally the same words in the threat and in the law Like - Reply - 23m Yes I'm sure he read the 1954 Haque Convention for the protection of culture and thought hey I'm gonna use the word culture so they know exactly how it's intended Jesus Ridiculous Like - Reply 21m Ok maybe I'm missing your point Are you saying that attacking historically significant buildingssites museums and the like is alright? Are you fixating on the fact that he didn't say places of worship? I don't see how this isn't specifically going to violate the Conventions if he has cultural sites attacked Enlighten me Like Reply 19m he said places that are important to the Iranian culture He didn't says culturally important culture is anything that has meaning to a certain people Hell white people get braids in their hair and they're told that's black culture and they can't do it culture is their government they way they talk they way they do things their authentic food joints everything makes up their culture I'm sure it was thought about long and hard what was important to the American culture to target on 911 Like - Reply - 14m And if they hit the White House like supposedly they planned then that's the biggest war crime with all its American culture within those walls Like Reply - 13m So no I don't think anyone should be talking about how this isn't how you have a fair war they're threatening us so we have to hold strong Like Reply 11m Baseball is considered American culture and there is history that's important to a lot of people in those stadiums But if they bombed a stadium here I doubt you'd be so offended Like - Reply - 11m you're playing semantics with international law Yes important to Iranian culture does in fact mean culturally important That's how language works As for the WTC that was a war crime because civilians were targeted The White House would have actually been considered a legitimate target due to strategic importance This isn't holding strong if you want to threaten them go for their leadership like he already did and military installations All bombing cultural sites will do is galvanize their people against us PS - a stadium is also a war crime so yeah I guess you could say l'd be offended I mean that still falls under the targeting civilians thing This is pretty clear cut stuff Like - Reply - 10m well I don't see you posting about how bad Iran is for all the things they've done and threaten to do to us Like - Reply - 9m This is a useless conversation You'll never say you know what he was being vague for a good reason Like - Reply - 8m Write a reply GI Write a comment Gold Medal contender in the Mental Gymnastics Meme

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