1 Information ToFrom and About Targets The FAA focuses on acquisition with reference to the status and location of the target It is silent on the relationship between the target and the information ie whether only information held by the target or communications to whi target is a party may be obtained In the absence of explicit language the NSA has interpreted $702 to enable the agency to btain information about targets The NSA's 2009 targeting procedures state that the agency may seek to acquire communications about the target that are not to or from the target 168 The minimization procedures n of information related to similarly acknowledge the col ес 65 NSA TARGETING PROCEDURES supra note 18 at 1 The targeting procedures were published by The Guardian in June 2013 They have not as of the time of writing been declassified This attachment found in the Podesta email dump explains how persons ie President Trump associated with a target of a FISA surveillance ie Carter Page can also be spied on via the NSA Source is linked in the comments Meme

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