1 people 100% found this review helpful Recommended 17 products in a nt 32 hrs on record Posted July 17 This game saved my life There Iwas sulking in my depression eating nothing but microwaved Kids' Cuisine every day wishing my miserable excuse for a life would end But then Then it happened Conan came to me A dear sweet beautiful friend gifted me this game I had no idea what to expect I assumed it was just some random game sent to me as a joke Little did I know was about to embark on a nonstop 3 hour journey that would forever change me As soon as I saw that small animated pig my soul felt renewed His eyes His breathtaking gorgeous eyes hypnotized me It was as if he was speaking to me right from his heart to mine felt him say Bread everything is going to be okay You will never feel alone again You will know no more pain or suffering I'm here now At this point I only had the game open for about 5 minutes and there were already tears of joy streaming viciously down my face I lifted my hands into the air as ifIwas attempting to reach up to God and I screamed l am alivel l am whole once morel l could not contain my am We overwhelming happiness Once calmed down a bit began my journey with Conan We hid from the wolves We bypassed the bees We bravely crossed the ghosts We did it all together After hours of searching and strategic gameplay we found them all Every Single Truffle We laughed we cried we lost some and we gained some Throughout it all the highs and the lows Conan was with me And I was with him He is the best friend I have ever had It was an experience l will hold onto in my memory until the day leave this earth and go onto the afterlife where hope to meet him face to face someday As soon as I see him walk through those pearly gates his snout sniffing the ground for more delicious truffes I wi run to him will call out to him Conanl Conanl Come to me my best friendl We are united once morel WWe will hold onto each other in a strong warm embrace We will become one in mind heart and soul We will spend eternity in paradise together endlessly searching for more truffles No more wolves No more bees No more ghosts Only happiness Only love Only us highly recommend this game to anyone who feels lost Anyone who feels alone Anyone looking for the light at the end of the road Conan will be there for you the way he is here for me He will help you He will comfort you He will save you He is not the hero we deserve but he is the hero we were blessed with Be good to him He will be good to you 55 stars Without a single doubt the best game l have ever been lucky enough to come across Conan bless you all ws this review helpfun? Yes This is the best review I've ever seen on steam Meme

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