1 That has to go inside me? uh oh 2 My dad got out of the shower andI totally thought he was keeping Gonzo's nose in between his legs 3 This might be weird but l always assumed that they'd be cold I was shocked that penises are warm the first time I touched one I got a bit of a fright it was so short and thick that I was a bit confused because that's not what you usually see in adult movies and it looked so angry 5 I saw my baby brother's penis when I was a kid if that counts WHAT IS THAT? WHY IS HE SO DIFFERENT? 6 How would that fit it in my mouth?0 My first reaction good lord how do you guys walk around with those things? Today it is much the same question 8The first penis I saw was an STD-infested one in health class in middle school Needless to say it was a relief to find out that a normal penis does NOT look like that Sploosh 10 First time I saw a penis I thought Tm going to laugh if keep looking at it So to spare the guy I just put it in my mouth 11 0mg that's huge 12 Doooh that's why they call it wood Penises get really stiff 13 I thought it look so much smaller than they do on porn videos other than that it was pretty much he same 14 I asked why it was wearing a helmet 15 I think I was around 10ish when I saw my brothers I literally screamed then wanted to see more penises 16 I screamed when it moved I was not aware they moved or could be moved on demand 17 It grossed me out! Male genitalia make me nauseDus 18 Really grossed out by the penis It was just so loppy 19 The first time I saw a penis I was decenly drunk and nervous I honestly just grabbed it and put the thing in my mouth so I wouldn't have to fake any enthusiasm by just looking at it 20 The first time I really got to inspect a penis in person totally looks like Darth Vadar's helmer was the first thing that went through my minod *HEAVY BREATHING* Ou GREAT LETT IT AT HOME! 20 Women Describe The First Time They Saw A Penis Meme

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