1 When a person is suspected of committing a crime a police officer arrests that person and moves them to a holding facility known as jail 2 For the safety of any children the suspect may have they cannot be housed in an adult jail with their parents and are therefore separated from children while the suspect is awaiting trial If a the suspect This occurs frequently in our legal guardian cannot be found they are moved to a fa system and is done without regard to the race or cility specifically for children with individual immigration status of the suspect 3 The police attempt to locate any other family members suitable as temporary guardians for the beds pool tables video games soccer fields bar- ber shops medical facilities and healthy food ser vices My Family Tree 4 In many cases police have trouble following up 5 Family and Protective Services regularly takes 6 To solve this problem the United States needs with the temporary guardians of illegal immigrants legal custody of children who are exposed to dan- to more consistently enforce immigration laws so children because the temp guardian is an illega erous conditions such as heat exhaustion and immigrant themselves and doesn't want to be insufficient water This is called negligence We de claring asylum in Mexico which is a far shorter don't tolerate this behavior from our own citizens! that immigrants from Central America consider and less dangerous journey We also need to build a wall to further deter illegal immigration and found In addition walking a child from Central America to the US is associated with other risks such as an 80% chance of sexual assault of females by coyotes helping them cross the border or corrupt government officials as reported in 2014 by The drugs at our southern border #WhereAreTheChildren Huffington Post Wa- US I MEXICO BORDER DFPS Meme

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