1 Your daughter is at college you don't have to pick her up at school anymore 2 Close the garage door at night and when you leave If you leave it open the best case scenario we get raccoons and thieves steal your garage sale paintings Worse case they steal your car 3 Rain windows closed No rain windows open If you do turn on the air it will work better if the windows are closed 4 Stove is next to refrigerator if you decide to learn to use it 5 Set your alarm for 2 am so you can completely shut the freezer since l'm not there to shut it for you each night after you get ice cream 6 Don't get a dog I'm only gone a week 7 Don't sign your paycheck and try to cash it The signature 8 The maid is also on vacation this week Note I'm also the maid 9 I left you 7 boxes of Special K with Strawberries and a jar of peanut butter You should be fine on food this week Send me a on file is my fake version of yours picture every morning of the bed 10 made and I'll bring you home a special present don't sleep in the guest bedroom to win the prize A guy in Illinois tweeted this His wife went out of town for a week and she left him this note Meme

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