1014 1 YOU MATCHED WITHON 21219 Well Hello Today 607 AM Hello back to ya Tindering at 6am? Starting the day off right So I feel like I should just tell you right off the bat because lord knows you'll find out that I've hooked up with your best friend Today 653 AM Yeahhhh Ideally I'm earning brownie points right now for being honest and straightforward Today 817 AM Hahahaha yes points for being honest but I'm not sure if it's enough to zero out the scale Today 835 AM Oh it's an uphill battle that's for sure But I'm an optimist what can say Today 856 AM That's the spirit! I mean who knows maybe y'all share a few laughs she tells you I'm charmingfunnygreat in bed etc and you decide you're okay with the idea of potentially being eskimo sisters one day A man can dream can dream A man She did say you were pleasant to talk to to So here we are lol How often do you get a review of a tinder dude from a reputable source before even meeting? If you look at it that way you actually got super lucky here Today 928 AM You make a point Cj Hahaha not a good point but a point nonetheless ОФype a message GIF Send Honesty is the best policy Meme

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