1032 imilitary girlfriend sup So I stayed home from school today because I wasn't feeling well and so I took a shower because I needed one so I have been waiting for a couple of things to come in the mail and it was a letter from my boyfriend because we called each other Tuesday and he said he sent one so I was waiting on that I was also waiting on a package for something for my best friend for her birth today and it was really expensive and I have had people steal packages right off of my porch and mailbox so I got out of the shower and I saw the mailman drive away and my dumbass thought it was a good idea to QUICKLY run out and see if the things have came in the mail MIND YOU IM IN A TOWEL and I was home alone and my house is old so the door locks behind you once you leave and I didn't have a key!! And I was locked out!! My mom is in Salem NH which is about 30 min away and my dad went out somewhere!!! I didn't know what else to do seeing as I was outside in 55° windy weather in a towel and I didn't wanna get more sick!! So with my luck a police officer drove by my house and saw me break a window to get into my house he pulls onto the side steps out and asks me if I live here and questions like that so I told him yes I just got locked out of my house and don't have a key and he thinks I'm lying so I tell him to call my mom and verify it and I'm standing on the sidewalk win a towel with windy weather as he's calling my mom and I'm FREEZING MY ASS OFF and my hair is FROZEN and she verified that I live there and stuff and he let me go so I run inside and quickly change and now I'm under 3 blankets trying to feel my body to say I have never been more embarrassed in my life needless 9+ Seems legit Meme

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